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If your company is looking for English Training then test the quality of our service and trainers for yourself with a free trial lesson. Contact us for more details.



All of our language courses wether they are 1to1 lessons, group courses with accompanying elearning or video conference learning courses are individually produced to specifically fit your needs. We specialize in inhouse company english training.



All of our teachers are either native speakers or native fluent and are specialists in specific areas of their language. This gives them the edge to teach language in fields such as IT, Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Sales, Procurement, Logistics, HR, Law or Real Estate.              

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Our language school offers the following specific types of English courses:

  • Business

  • IT

  • Financial

  • Logistics

  • marketing

  • Technical

  • Real Estate

  • sales

  • Legal

business-english course

To invest in language training for your workforce is to invest in the future of your company. We at Business English Academy can provide a total english language course solution, and ensure your tomorrow.

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IT-english course

We at Business English Academy therefore recognise that IT English courses are vital to the future prosperity and development of German businesses.

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Business English Academy specialises in producing custom-made Financial English courses and Financial English seminars to fit your company’s needs.

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Smooth constant, lifo-fifo, high rack storage area – can often be encountered when one has to deal in english language in the logistics sector.

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Media plan, taking out an ad, disposal matrix - these are just a few english marketing terms that might be used when working in the marketing sector.

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We offer English courses specifically geared to technicians, engineers and other technical staff.

As with ALL Business English Academy Courses we will specially design a Technical English Course to suit your company.

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Do you need an English Course for Real estate professionals?

Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), judicial foreclosure and purchase money transaction maybe some of the terms used or heard in the business of real estate in the English language.

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Wir bieten Ihnen Sprachkurse mit dem Schwerpunkt Vertriebs- oder Sales-Englisch

Für diesen Sektor bieten wir maßgeschneiderte Sprachkurse für Marketingpersonal an. Wie in allen Industriebereichen, besitzt auch das VertriebTermini die ausschliesslich dafür verwendet werden. Solche Sprachkurse werden speziell nur bei der Business English Academy angeboten, da wir festgestellt haben, dass Bedarf daran besteht, alle Aspekte der einzelnen Teilbereiche zu decken.

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Ungerechtfertigte Bereicherung, Strafprozessordnung, Zivilrecht - dies sind einige Fachwörter aus dem juristischen Bereich.

Hierzu bieten wir Sprachkurse in Englisch für Juristen an.

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